This week, Year 7 Japanese classes have enjoyed a Zoom lesson from Yumi Orihara. Yumi is a Japanese Assistant Teacher from the Japan Foundation and she will be working with Tasmanian schools to teach Japanese language and culture until January 2022. All students have enjoyed a lesson about the Samurai. There were some great answers to the trivia and many questions asked of Yumi about Japan, Japanese life and of course Samurai swords, or “katana”. Students also had the opportunity to learn origami from Yumi and made Samurai helmets, or “kabuto”. Yumi’s wonderful lessons were very enjoyable and students were so excited to meet her. Yumi will be around for a while, so it will be great to connect with her again and hopefully have her visit the North West and meet our students in person. These sorts of activities are fantastic opportunities for students to step out of their comfort zone and communicate with a native Japanese speaker! We can’t wait to see Yumi again and keep our doors open to foreign languages and culture. 

Ms Sophie Bird 

Head of Languages