National Science Week ran from 12-20 August and this year’s theme was innovation. At MRC we celebrated Science Week by running a daily quiz, with prizes up for grabs. We also had a water rocket activity at lunchtime on the soccer oval which was enjoyed by students and staff alike. Physical Science Foundation students also used the water rockets to model Newton’s 3rd Law (action/reaction) and to gather data for solving questions on the height the rocket reached, and time to reach it’s turning point, using the second equation of motion (s=ut +1/2 at2). 

On Thursday we had an activity where you could build a balloon powered cart and there were prizes awarded to the builders of the cart that travelled the greatest distance. 

Winners of the Science Fair Quiz were: 

Nichola Williams 1st 

Iesa Roohullah 2nd 

Jayden Young 3rd 

Winners of the Balloon powered cart were: 

James O’Toole and Astyn Stevens 

Thanks to all the students who participated in the Science Week activities and all the Science staff for their support of the events. 


Mrs Donna Scott 

Learning Area Leader Science Yr 9-12