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Our College is founded on the Gospel values of hospitality, respect, justice, compassion and responsibility. These are the pillars upon we approach our work each day at Marist Regional College and are extended to staff, students and our community.  

Marist Regional College is a place where young people grow with confidence and purpose, secure in the knowledge that they will be “known, safe and valued” members of our community. These are the words of former Principal, Mr Adrian Drane. It is my hope that this mantra from Adrian will be a lasting legacy for the college.  

Everyone within our College community is invited to live a very tangible faith, to build an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus, bringing the Good News to all through our words, attitudes and actions. Through this relationship, we believe that we can be transformed in every aspect of our make-up through nurturing our spirituality in prayer, ritual, mission and outreach. Our College spirit is exceptionally obvious; it is really something else! Our spirit and faith are the sources of “life” for us at the College. 

We are very future focused, considering the needs of the planet, nation, state, regional and local community in our pursuit of a highly dynamic and engaging curriculum. By embracing innovation, creativity, courage and “daring to be different” in our approaches, we strive to bring the very best to all. 

Academically, our students benefit from a broad and diverse curriculum, and are taught the essential skills of learning, enabling them to continue to be active learners throughout their lifetime. We know that all students will have their own skills and interests, so we work with them and their families to find unique and varied pathways to help them to excel in whichever field they choose. 

Our College community relies on our partnership with families as the cornerstone of educational achievement. Parents and guardians play an active role in the College’s ongoing success. 

Please contact us if you would like to visit our College or join our community. It would be our pleasure to get to know you and your child, and to share the current approaches and future thinking of our College. 

Mr Gregg Sharman 



Marist Regional College embraces a culture united by faith, a pursuit of personal excellence,

strength in a “family spirit”, and a community enriched by diversity.  


Inspired by the Marist and Mercy charisms, we invite all to a faith relationship through formation, and an excellence in holistic education.  


It is anticipated that all members of the school community will live by the school’s values in
everyday life. The values are:

Hospitality – All members strive to be a community, open and generous towards each other.  

Respect – To respect each person’s dignity and uniqueness, recognising that each person is created by God.  

Justice – To be open and honest in our dealings with one another, reflecting our motto; ‘Love the Truth’.  

Compassion – To commit to supporting each other sensitively in times of need.  

Responsibility – To accept an obligation to work collaboratively to maintain a vibrant learning community, which is inclusive, encourages excellence and is safe and enjoyable.