This term, a Creative Writing Competition for Years 9-12 was run at MRC. The topic was ‘Unity and Community’, based on the SRC’s theme for this year. 

Twenty students elected to enter this competition. It was wonderful to see the storytelling abilities of these students, as well as their interest in writing for pleasure. It was a joy to read their work with ideas ranging from the value of friendship, teamwork in sports and school communities, to finding unity in dystopian settings. 

The short stories were judged by a range of staff members on the originality of ideas, including the connection to the theme, the use of language features, such as descriptive language and vocabulary choices, and the accuracy of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

For the judges, choosing the winners was a difficult decision, as there was merit in all the stories submitted. Each participant was rewarded by gaining points for their House (Chanel, Colin, Frayne and McAuley) and the following students were presented with certificates at our last whole-school assembly: 

First Place: Sanuli Karunaratne 

Second Place: George Weeks 

Third Place: Imogen Spencer-Ling 

Honourable Mention: Finnegan Type-Farrell and Evelynn Jamieson. 

We would like to extend our congratulations to these students and all those who entered. Our hope is that they will be encouraged to continue to hone their skills in creative writing. We look forward to seeing even more students enter the competition next year. 


Ms Danica Scolyer 

Learning Area Leader: 9-12 English