Dear Families and College Community  

Catholic Education in this country has existed for over 200 years. The pioneers from the Religious orders that commenced our schools and colleges did amazing things that have brought us to a point where more than one in five young Australians now attend Catholic schools. 

I have always been amazed that many of our Catholic schools were founded in remote locations, not exclusive to more urban and populated areas. The idea to “take the Gospel to the ends of the earth” strikes me when I reflect on the pioneering efforts of schools in our region such as St Peter Chanel in Smithton, St Joseph’s Rosebery and Queenstown, and even St Brigid’s in Wynyard, in many cases, over 100 years ago.  

These schools, along with our own at Marist Regional College, have a preference to serve the disadvantaged. Disadvantage can take many forms. For some it is disability, where we have a relatively high percentage of students who have their needs met through additional supports. There are other factors, some less visible, that are not obvious to us.  

When I attended this College as a student, I felt some insecurity coming from a low-income household. I have shared on a number of occasions in this Star, at least annually, that we are here to help our families allow their children to experience the beauty of Catholic education. It is a gift. Going further, Marist Regional College is a gift to the northwest coast.   

We provide fee assistance to every family should it be needed. Please do not wait if you are struggling with the recent increases in living expenses. As Principal, I now sit “on the other side of the desk” having received this support as a student. This message is shared at every enrolment interview we lead.  

My College blazer hangs in a cupboard in my office. My mother’s embroidery in the collar reminds me of her sacrifices, and courage to ask for help; my two younger brothers wore this same blazer as students, and a second family of boys also wore it, before being returned to me at football training twenty years later.  

Please email to seek out fee assistance. This can be done confidentially. If you worry about fees, accepting the invitation of a conversation may help lessen the burden.  

Finally, to all fathers, grandfathers, step-dads and important male role models – happy Father’s Day for Sunday!  

May we never forget the important example we provide our children, particularly in responding to challenging situations. Our example to them is critical in their development. 


With compassion and respect 


Mr Gregg Sharman 


Inspired by the Marist and Mercy charisms, we invite all to a faith relationship through formation, and an excellence in holistic education.