Dear College Community  

Graduation is a significant moment in the life of every student. Do you remember yours? I would like to thank Mr Peter Douglas in particular for his leadership and coordination. The Music Ministry bring so much to the College and their play on words was noted in one of their songs performed – if you were there, you’ll know what I mean!  

Our Year 12s enjoyed their farewell celebrations I believe. They sure do have a fine send off with a dress up day, morning tea, off-site activities, breakfast, Vale Mass, Graduation Assembly, Graduation Liturgy and Celebration function. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely.  

At Tuesday’s Graduation Assembly, I spoke of the characteristics of a Marist education. These have been formed by the Marist Culture and Charism group, which are based out of Marist “heartland” in Hunters Hill, Sydney. The characteristics are based on the spirit and work of Fr Jean-Claude Colin. I noted the following advice for our graduates….  

Think Big  

Graduates, Colin wants you to not limit your horizon. Take risks. Believe in yourself. Think big and get excited for the future!  

Nurture Character  

Prioritise “who” you are. Your future achievements and results will look after themselves if you understand your own personal values as your life pillars.  

Deal with Reality  

Wherever you are, at any time and place, under the conditions that may exist for you, this will be your reality. Deal with what is within your circle of control. Expiring any energy outside of this circle is of no use.  

Inspire Respect  

Graduates, we might inspire respect for others through the example of Mary herself: 

Colin’s words: …Mary’s love remains a mother’s love: it never gives up on her children; it favours children who have lost their way and seem least deserving.   

And to our mothers, and our dads, – would you ever give up on your children?  

Of our student graduates, I wonder if you have lost your way at any stage? I wonder how you were respected, loved and supported through these types of situations by this College?  

And this idea of loving the “least deserving” is one for us all to embrace. It’s easy for us to love the most popular, isn’t it? What about those on the outskirts?  

Be Yourself  

Colin wants us to be “real people”, keeping things simple and authentic. Our values are important to us at Marist Regional College. But what values do you stand for?  Are any of them uniquely Marist?  

Not only do we invite you to be yourself, but importantly, we invite you to know yourself and formulate, in time, these values which can be the pillars of your life.  


Atmosphere, Spirit, Culture  

A former student named Aaron visited me yesterday with some flowers as a gift after our recent challenges as a College.  He shared his personal reflections with me and spoke of the sense of family, community, and connection he feels exists at this College.  

Family-spirit is an essential characteristic of a Marist education. To our graduates, how might you create a sense of family and strong sense of connection with those relationships you might create in your next chapter?  

Like Aaron, any time you would like to visit us in the future, you will be welcomed with warmth and open arms.  

Working with Others  

We are confident that all the life lessons you’ve had at Marist Regional College will see you well-equipped in this area.  

Be Warm-Hearted  

From today’s reading, “I have in you my heart, whether I am in chains or defending and confirming the Gospel”. This is warm heartedness. Being warm-hearted in frosty situations can be a challenge! But what a great motto for life, to be warm-hearted!  


Marist’s Mission is built upon the pillars of love, service, and faith.  

I will leave the following for our Graduates in this Marist Star:  

As you go forth from this Marist community, remember that you are not just graduates, you are Marists, called to be a beacon of love, service, and faith in this world. 

May your journey ahead be filled with purpose, and may the spirit of Jean-Claude Colin, and the warmth and love of Mary, guide your path. 

Congratulations, Class of 2023 – go forth and make us proud, for you carry the Marist mission in your hearts, and be proud to show this to every person you meet in your next chapter. 

Best wishes, thank you for your varied contributions, you are loved here, and good luck over the next few weeks of your journeys. 

Mr Gregg Sharman