Dear Marist Regional College Family,

Firstly, thanks very much for such a positive Parent-Teacher experience this week and last. Personally, I really enjoy the opportunity to engage with families whether these are informal or formal moments. Perhaps the cornerstone of our Marist identity is that of family. Family is emphasised by the Marist Fathers in particular as our College co-founders.   

As we navigate the complexities of our rapidly changing world, it becomes increasingly evident that certain values, rooted deeply in our Catholic faith, serve as guiding lights in the darkness of uncertainty.   

In the Marist tradition, family extends far beyond biological ties. It encompasses every member of our community, past, present, and future. Our Marist Regional College Vision Statement reflects this sentiment, emphasising the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, inclusiveness and support among all who walk through our doors.   

From a Catholic perspective, the notion of family is absolutely foundational to society itself. It is within the family unit that individuals first encounter love, compassion, and values that shape their character and guide their actions. Just as the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph serves as a model of unity and strength, so too are you, our Marist families, serving as beacons of hope and solidarity in an often-fragmented world.  

In an era where the pace of life seems to accelerate with each passing day, the concept of family takes on even greater significance. Society’s rapid march forward can leave our young people feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and adrift in a sea of confusion. Yet, it is within the embrace of our Marist and Mercy family that they find solace, support, and a sense of belonging that grounds them amidst what I believe to be, at times, a confused world.   

At Marist Regional College, we are committed to providing more than just academic excellence. We recognise that true education extends beyond the confines of the classroom, encompassing the holistic development of each individual. Our Mission is to empower our students to navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence, integrity, and compassion, based on Christ’s teachings.   

Central to this Mission is the cultivation of strong personal identity and formation within a nurturing and supportive community. Every member of our Marist family is valued and respected, their dignity upheld through the College Values of hospitality, respect, justice, compassion, and responsibility.  

This last week, we have read and heard stories relating to domestic violence against women in the media. The AFL have taken a stand and observed a moment before each match this last round. Violence “flies in the face” of the gentleness, simplicity, humility and maternal warmth for which we aspire as a Marian college.   

Some very close to me have suffered domestic violence. At times, young children can be used as “shields” against spouses who are violent and abusive, whether this is psychological, emotional or physical.   

We stand for something unique at Marist Regional College. We are a minority group as a Catholic school, yet, we have never seen more students united in their enrolment. We have conviction and are clear on what we believe and stand for; maybe this is a significant contributor to our growth?   

As we journey forward together, let us hold fast to the bonds of family that unite us. Through the partnership between family and college, we will continue to positively impact the lives of our young people, shaping them into compassionate leaders who embody the values of our Marist and Mercy tradition.  

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all mothers a great day on Sunday. The example of Mary as the “ultimate mother” is important not only for mums, but also for dads in how we might go about our parenting with warmth, humility, compassion and sacrifice. I am confident that this Marian ethos permeates throughout our College and hope it can do so in your own homes.   

Yours in family, faith, love and solidarity, 

Warm regards, 


Gregg Sharman