Vocational Education and Training is modernising its approach to offering a wider range of short skill set courses and full qualifications that meet the needs of student choice, job opportunities and career pathways, as well as personal goals. A recent visit to Launceston Airport was the stepping stone to offering a career towards professional and private flying. If aviation sounds interesting and exhilarating – please read on. 

Do you have a passion and motivation for flying and a desire to experience the world from above? Marist Regional College is connecting with Tristar in Launceston to offer a Partial (Commercial Pilot Licence) for students wishing to pursue a career in commercial or private flying from 2025. 

A career as a private pilot, starting with obtaining a Private Pilot Licence is an exciting and rewarding journey that offers unique experiences and a range of opportunities. This profession is characterised by the freedom to fly, the challenge of mastering aviation skills and the possibility of exploring various aviation roles. 

This partial qualification is aimed at ground level in the first instance where students learn the theoretical aspects of flying. This includes understanding aerodynamics, navigation weather patterns, aviation regulations and aircraft systems. 

After ground school, students begin flight training under the supervision of certified flight instructors. This hands-on training is where students learn to operate an aircraft, handle emergencies, and develop the skills necessary for safe flying. 

There is a tremendous freedom about flying and whether it is for personal or commercial reasons, further information will be provided at our Subject Advice Evening on Tuesday 13 August. So come along and listen to a pilot instructor detail the 2025 course information. 

Miss Jen Reeves
Vocational Education and Training Coordinator