2021 started off with a flurry as our students brought a variety of sounds to our school community. Students provided soulful, heart-warming music under the direction of Ms Jess Magee during the Commencement Mass. Music included some of the school’s favourites such as ‘Shout to the Lord’ and ‘My Lighthouse’ along with a new song ‘Glory’ by Matt Marr – a beautifully reflective piece highlighting the strength and comfort we can find in Jesus. 

This was followed the next day by performances during the Year 7 Welcome Barbecue. From early in the afternoon, students gathered and set up equipment, then delivered a variety of solo and group performances across the evening. Anson, Seonaid, Ms Magee and Mr O’Connell provided a wonderful variety of solo performances along with a fantastic band set from Taso, Arlo, Ryder and Lachlan, all under the direction and coordination of Mr Graham O’Connell.  

Both performances highlight the passion and dedication our staff and students have for music in our college community and were a small taste of an exciting year ahead! 

Thomas Lamb  

Learning Area Leader – Arts