Mid-Year Exams 

Senior College Mid-Year Exams commence this term in Week 10, from Monday 1 July to Friday 5 July. Classes will not run during this week; however, full day VET classes will continue to run in this week, and some Level 2 teachers may provide some classes for students who are not engaged in exams.  The timetable has been designed as a ‘student driven’ timetable, where we have minimised the number of students who have exams in a row. 

Students with Outstanding Work Due  

Students who have any outstanding work from any Senior College subjects are required to attend the College throughout this week to complete these outstanding tasks. Students with exams and outstanding work can negotiate which days they need to attend with Mrs Sass. Parents will be notified if their child has outstanding tasks later in Week 10. 

Mid-Year Reports 

Senior College Mid-Year Reports will be issued on Tuesday 30 July. Please note, Term Three Parent-Teacher meetings will be held on Tuesday 6 August. If you would like to book a parent-teacher meeting prior to the reports being sent out, please contact the Front Office to do so, as bookings will open when the 7-10 Reports are distributed at the conclusion of Term Two.  

Recommencement Date for Term Three Classes 

Due to a system-wide Professional Development Day, the College will have a Student Free Day, including Senior College students, on Monday 22 July. Classes for Term Three will commence on Tuesday 23 July.  

We look forward to continuing to work with you in support of your child throughout Senior College.  


Mrs Emily Sass 

Deputy Principal: Learning & Teaching