Year 10 students will sit their exams during Week 10 on Thursday 28 September and Friday 29 September. Students have been issued with an exam timetable as per below and Year 10 Exam Guidelines. Any student who is unable to sit their exams due to illness will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate to validate their absence as outlined in the guidelines.  

Students must arrive and be present in Pastoral Care Group for attendance prior to sitting their exams. 

Whilst we recognise that this can be a stressful time for some, this is an opportunity for students to practice being in exam conditions and learn from this experience. Families with students on Learning Plans will receive correspondence from our Student Support Team regarding any adjustments required to support these exams.  

We have organised a one-hour session on Tuesday 12 September called “Ace Your Exams” by Elevate Education which is designed to help students with preparation, managing stress and study tips. 

Week 10 Schedule – Year 10  

Monday 25 September  Normal classes 
Tuesday 26 September  Normal classes 
Wednesday 27 September  Study Day – option to come into the College to study 
Thursday 28 September  Exams 
Friday 29 September  Exams Packages of Learning – all day class 

The following schedule is set for the exams. 



During the exam days, students may wear neat, casual, warm and appropriate clothing.  


If your child would like to come into school to study on Wednesday 27 September, please register their name here. 


Any students who do not attend exams will not be provided an alternative time to complete as this is not logistically possible. Thus, this assessment will not count towards their overall grade for the subject. 


Mrs Emily Sass 

Deputy Principal: Learning & Teaching