Having completed units on Chemistry and Physics, Year 10 STEM Elective students are now working hard on their Inquiry Projects for the 2024 BIG Science Fair. Researching individually, in pairs, or in groups of three, students have established their Research Questions and are now designing Fair Tests to explore their Hypotheses. The friendly competition is ‘warming up’, so watch this space for further details in the early stages of Term Three!! 

Topics under investigation include: 

  • Stealth Aircraft – Joshua hopes that he can make the visible invisible. 
  • Water, Water, Everywhere – Victor and Mason check how bacteria-free MRC water taps are, across all year levels. 
  • Whose Print is That? Jameson and Fraser explore the forensic science of fingerprinting. 
  • Just a spoonful of sugar – Elsa and Monique investigate the effects of the enzyme Invertase on the sugars found in sports drinks. 
  • How good are you? – Mattias and Rory examine factors that influence task-guided response times.  

Many more projects are under development, so tune in for more details in Term 3! 


Ms Ann Burke 

STEM Coordinator