During Term 2 in Global Connections, each student in Year 7 wrote a poem that was inspired by a special object.  

Written Competition 

Teachers selected three poems from each class to form a shortlist for a final round of judging. There were eighteen poems selected in total for the shortlist.  

All staff at the College were invited to read the shortlisted poems and submit their votes. These votes formed the ‘Teacher’s Choice’ Awards.  

A selection of Year 9-12 students were also invited to participate in judging the shortlisted poems during their English classes. These votes formed the ‘Student’s Choice’ Awards. 

In addition to this category, we had the ‘Poet’s Choice’ Awards, judged by local poets, Rees Campbell, Mary Kille, and Veronica Mullins. 

The following students were awarded prizes.  

Written Competition Shortlist Prize: 

  • Krystal Webb – “Untitled” 
  • Ruby Welsh – “Roses” 
  • Zeppelin Barnard – “Hockey Stick” 
  • Ayla Ogden – “Shells” 
  • Esmay Ollington – “Hay Bales” 
  • Beth Bailey – “Horses” 
  • Ebony French – “Shells” 
  • Lucas Weinert – “Wacky Watermelon” 

Student’s Choice Awards: 

  • Equal 3rd Place 
  • Jye Cobbing – “Watermelon” 
  • Makenzie Barnard – “Big Bear” 
  • Leo Taylor – “The Great Game” 
  • 2nd Place 
  • Charlotte Singleton – “Rocky Water Bottle” 
  • 1st Place 
  • Lewis Perry – “Carrots” 

Teacher’s Choice Awards: 

  • 3rd Place 
  • Summer Hawkins – “A Coin in a Heartbeat” 
  • 2nd Place 
  • Charlotte Singleton – “Rocky Water Bottle” 
  • 1st Place 
  • Chia Gbenga – “Books” 

A very big thank you to all staff and students who acted as our judges for this competition. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.  

Poet’s Choice Awards  

Veronica Mullins Awards 

  • 2nd Place, Bronte Maine – “Candles” 
  • 1st Place, Charlotte Singleton – “Rocky Water Bottle” 

Mary Kille Awards 

  • 2nd Place, Maya Young – “Pointe Shoes” 
  • 1st Place, Chia Gbenga – “Books” 

Rees Campbell Awards 

  • 2nd Place, Charlotte Singleton – “Rocky Water Bottle” 
  • 1st Place, Mia Fehlberg – “Untitled” 

A very big thank-you to our local poets who took the time to be judges and who generously contributed to the prizes for these awards.  

Poetry Presentation Challenge 

The following students volunteered to present their poem as an extra challenge in the Year Level Assembly on Thursday 30 June. 


  • Krystal Webb 
  • Chia Gbenga 
  • Amaya Carey 
  • Feranmi Adeboye 
  • Summer Hawkins 
  • Charlotte Singleton 
  • Bronte Maine 

There were some great performances which were judged by a random selection of students and staff in the audience. Congratulations to the following students on their success in this competition: 

  • 2nd Place 
  • Bronte Maine – “Candles” 
  • 1st Place  
  • Summer Hawkins – “A Coin in a Heartbeat” 


Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe 

Middle Years Learning Area Leader (Global Connections)