On Thursday 6 April, all Year 8 students participated in Medieval Day which was an opportunity to experience and celebrate elements of medieval life that were studied in class during Term 1 Dukes, Disease, and Democracy for Global Connections.   

Students signed up for two of the following activities during the morning sessions: 

  • Archery – Thanks to Mr Alex Johnstone, Mr Damien Gale, and Mr Wayne Gale. 
  • Medieval Music Magic – Thanks to Mr Graham O’Connell and Ms Jennifer Barker. 
  • Medieval Minecraft (Create your own Dragon) – Thanks to Mrs Catherine Woodberry, Mr Mike Clancy and Mr Darron Snare. 
  • Crack the Code – Thanks to Mrs Vanessa Wright, Mr James Gibbs, Ms Jean Day, and Ms Jess Magee (Supported by Year 10 Student Leaders).  
  • Fling that Thing (Making Model Trebuchets) – Thanks to Mr Adrian Pearce, Mr Jamie Luck, Mr Grant Sims, Mrs Emma Dent, and Mr David Baker. 
  • The Decorator’s Den – Thanks to Miss Jess Quinn and Miss Bobbi-Jo Bailey. 
  • Costume Room – Thanks to Mrs Carolyn Cox, Mrs Rachel Bloom, and Mrs Jordan Turale. 

Students were treated to a Medieval Feast for lunch in the McAuley Centre Atrium. Thank you to our wonderful cooks who prepared the amazing food: Mrs Serena Ryan, Mrs Michelle Neal, and Ms Karina Lemon. 

In the afternoon session, all students participated in the House Challenges at the Ye Olde Carnivale. Students competed in House Groups to win points in the following activities: Horseshoes, Queek, Quoits, Jousting, Caber Toss, Archery, Bocce, and Chevy Chase. 

The points from each activity at Ye Olde Carnivale have now been tallied and the results are shown below. Congratulations to students in Frayne House for being the overall champions at the Carnivale. 

Thank you to all the staff and student leaders who ran activities in the Ye Olde Carnivale. 

Mrs Carolyn Winchcombe 

Middle Years Learning Area Leader: Global Connections