Dear College Community  

There is no doubt, it has been a challenging week at the College with the news we shared with you on Monday afternoon. Our students and staff continue to be our focus and it is likely that this will need to be the case for some time.  

Our Critical Incident Team has been very deliberate in its approaches to ensuring our staff, students and their families are able to access required support if needed. This has included utilising our own professional staff, as well as those external supports such as additional counselling and specialised services from Laurel House, who are readily available and responsive to our need.  

Our communication has been clear and consistent throughout the week, particularly with our students. Students are encouraged to talk to others, seek out the pastoral care and professional advice our staff can provide onsite. Furthermore, the services of Laurel House can also be activated. If you need a referral, please call the Principal’s Office (Tel: 6432 7612), College Counsellors, or Nicole Young, Psychologist at the College. Key contact information is also provided further below. 

I know that many of you have strong, trusting relationships with our Year Level Coordinators and other key staff. Please lean on them during this time. There is a genuine motivation from them to serve and support you.  

We need to respect the process that is currently activated, maintaining a close eye on everyone around us.  

I would like to thank the community for their support, affirmations and partnership during this time.  

In partnership 


Mr Gregg Sharman 



Key Contacts: Support for Our College Community 

Further to the correspondence emailed to you on Monday, 26 July, we would like to reassure you that support is available for our College community through our own, professional staff, as well as external supports.   

We are engaged with Laurel House which is funded by the Department of Communities, to support our students, their families and our staff at this time. The Laurel House team provides specialist support counselling relating to matters of a sexual nature.   

Catholic Care is another external support that can also be engaged. We have utilised Catholic Care for more general counselling in the past.   

Should support be required or you would like to discuss a concern, please contact the Principal’s Office directly at the College on 6432 7612 or email 

Alternatively, making your own direct contact to support services is also perfectly acceptable. Both organisations are aware of the challenges we currently face together.  

  • Laurel House 

Telephone: 6431 9711   

24/7 Support Line Statewide: 1800 MYSUPPORT (1800 697 877) 



  • Catholic Care Tasmania (North West – Burnie) 

Telephone: 6431 8555 or 1800 819 447 




Our ongoing support of the community during this time is paramount to us, you and your child included.