Dear College Community  

As you are aware, during this term you were provided with an opportunity to complete a College Community survey. We are following up by conducting workshops, held within the school day and after hours, working with interested families to analyse the feedback provided, to discuss and capture core messages. Hopefully our time together will affirm the quality approaches currently being undertaken, as well as to identify future opportunities that will help us bring about the achievement of our College Mission. 

Our staff have been working on a review of our College Mission Statement at different times throughout this year. Mission reviews do not take place very often; our fundamental purpose as a Catholic College will not deviate too much. However, it is important that we have a clear and succinct statement that represents who we are. Our Vision on the other hand, is another story. What is the vision you would like to see pursued at Marist Regional College? 

We do have a brilliant opportunity to advance the lives of our students at this College. There are emerging themes that have become very obvious in the last 18 months or so. These have been reflected in the trends we have noticed and the decisions made.  

Last year, our graduating class saw 25% of our students finish in the nation’s top 10%. These are remarkable outcomes attributed to the College’s excellent culture, the attributes of our staff, low class sizes in Senior College due to offering more courses, as well as the ongoing support from our families. Additionally, it is worth noting that 71% of our students were offered early entry to the University of Tasmania.  

Despite this impressive data and the obvious academic strengths, we have significantly committed to expand our VET (Vocation Education and Training) courses. We have implemented Packages of Learning, a transdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching in Year 10 for those who have an interest in Architecture and Construction. For those who have an interest in the Arts, we have a suite of courses available in the VET area to foster student passion and pathway. Our Catholic identity is “front and square” as a Christ-centred, student focused College. We believe that our work in bringing the faith to the community is transformative. How might this look now and into the future? 

Again, what advice would you like to provide the College for the next five years and beyond? Although we are always interested in your thoughts, the following workshops are available for you to attend, allowing us to share our College Improvement Survey data, as well as future focused conversations.  

If you would like to attend, please complete the RSVP via the link below to confirm your attendance. There will be limited spaces for each workshop, and we will promote more opportunities should this be necessary.  

Link:  College Improvement Workshops – Expression of Interest Form 

Hoping you can attend! 

Conversations commenced with the SRC students last week. I will meet with them tomorrow morning to discuss further.  

In partnership 

Gregg Sharman