Dear College Community 

Life in a school is always busy and in recent times, this has been no exception at the College. Firstly, we would like to acknowledge everyone for their support and kind words relating to the end of year events such as the Year 12 Graduation Evening and Year 10 Dinner. This much appreciated feedback was received via email, phone calls and conversations in person, acknowledging the effort that goes into planning and delivering our end of year activities. The students have enjoyed themselves, shown gratitude and thanks for the effort illustrated by the people they follow, the staff.  

We have affirmed the resilience and achievements of our students this year. For our graduates, we have by far the highest percentage of early offers from UTAS as well as many students who have secured apprenticeshipsRecently, we’ve received emails from both staff and families relating to how their child has, “turned themselves around this year” and “had the best year of school”, despite the challenges of Covid19. Throughout the year, we’ve had new students enrol and the consistent feedback is, “we should have done this from Year 7”.  

Not every story is successful. Sometimes there are instances where we, as students, parents, staff and community, are not able to achieve what we set out to do. It is in our learning that we are able to grow and prosper.  

To our staff, thank you for your commitment, professionalism, passion for learning, and your respective disciplines. In addition, the work you do behind the scenes when no one is watching – this is a test of the College’s culture. There are many instances where others don’t see the efforts given, but this is not the motivating driver for the behaviour. For this Principal, the last few weeks have underlined the immense commitment of our staff. It is my hope that during the retreats and activities for Years 7 to 9 this weekstaff can enjoy themselves with the students and continue to build strong relationships.  

This year, our College Advisory Board and College Finance Team has been incredibly positive, motivated and committed to support the advancement of the College. I have very much appreciated the positive relationships, valuable insights, expertise and diversity that our members bring. All are fine people who are a pleasure to work with. I am already looking forward to working with them in 2021. Special thanks to our Chair, Mr Eddie Roberts, who has indicated he will continue for another year, despite his son, Frankie, recently graduating. Fr John continues to be a great friend of this college and his mateship, service and care for his people is obvious.  

Life is a journey; sometimes we are brought to destinations that we never thought we would arrive. We hope that you’ve been able to grow, survive or thrive throughout this 2020 experience. Please remember we are always here for you if needed. The lasting ramifications of Covid19 are recognised at this College.  

The Advent journey commenced on Sunday. We hope that this journey is one that allows us to slow down, pray and reflect on the coming of Jesus, and the role he plays in our lives on a daily basis. It is my prayer that you are able to spend time with your families to do this together in coming weeks, that you are able to celebrate and reconnect with relatives if this has not been possible in 2020. There will be a lot of joy in some homes this Christmas due to this opportunity to reconnect with one another.  

Over the Christmas break, I’ll be looking to set an example of prioritising my time with my wife Amanda, and our children, Theo (6) and Harriet (4). I have a young family and our children need their Dad. I hope you can do the same with your loved ones during this festive season.  

Kindness, love, gratitude and prayers to you allWishing you a happy and Holy Christmas 

In partnership 

Mr Gregg Sharman