On Thursday and Friday last week, the College held the Junior and Senior Swimming Carnivals for 2022. We were treated to some outstanding weather on both days which contributed to good participation throughout all Year levels. Students participated in a number of competitive race events including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and relay events, as well as the novelty events of surfboard polo and water volleyball which had an emphasis on participation.  

It was fantastic to see the House Spirit shown from all students, especially with the introduction of the House chants during the lunch time break, which our excellent House Captains coordinated. An increased emphasis on House Spirit will occur in our upcoming Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals.  

A big thank you to all of the staff who contributed to making the days successful in a multitude of ways, prior to or during the carnivals, especially the HPE staff. Also, to the SRC members who were constantly encouraging the students, helping coordinate activities on the days and arriving early on both days to help with the preparation. But most importantly, well done to all of the students who ultimately made the carnivals the success that they were. 

Congratulations to Frayne House who took out both the Junior and Senior Carnivals, thus winning the overall Swimming Carnival as well as the Age Group Champions which can be seen below.  

We will have a large team representing the College at the upcoming NSATIS Swimming Carnival on 9 March. We wish them all the best. 

Mr Alex Johnstone & Mr Liam Viney 


Junior Carnival: 1stFrayne, 2nd – Chanel, 3rd – McAuley, 4th – Colin 

Senior Carnival: 1stFrayne, 2nd – Colin, 3rd – McAuley, 4th – Chanel 

Overall: 1stFrayne (4334), 2nd – Chanel (3643), 3rd – Colin (3641), 4th – McAuley (3545) 

U/13 Girls: 

Champion: Miyah Chatwin 

Runner-Up: Letesha Cox 

 U/14 Girls: 

Champion: Graci Malley 

Runner-Up: Gemma King 

 U/15 Girls: 

Champion: Olivia Jones 

Runner-Up: Oceania Eustace 

 U/16 Girls: 

Champion: Lily Collins 

Runner-Up: Emily Anders 

 Open Girls: 

Champion: Georgia Askew 

Runner-Up: Meg Thompson 

 U/13 Boys: 

Champion: Samuel Ryan 

Runner-Up: Campbell Jones 

U/14 Boys: 

Champion: Harry Dale 

Runner-Up: Hunter Dwyer 

 U/15 Boys: 

Champion: Jackson Lawson  

Runner-Up: Heath Palmer 

 U/16 Boys: 

Champion: Jack Latham 

Runner-Up: Lachlan Ryan 

 Open Boys: 

Champion: Dylan Askew 

Runner-Up: Declan Cahill 

Sport @ MRC – Term 1 

The start of the Term has been jam-packed with sport. With our Summer sport NSATIS Teams competing in the weekly Term 1 Roster against the other Northern Independent Schools in St Brendan Shaw College, Scotch Oakburn, St Patrick’s College, Launceston Church Grammar and Launceston Christian School. Our teams are currently sitting in these places halfway through the roster: 

Boy’s 1sts Basketball: 3rd  

Girl’s 1sts Basketball: 2nd  

Girl’s 1sts Tennis: 1st  

Girl’s 2nds Tennis: 2nd  

Boy’s 1sts Tennis: 3rd  

Boy’s 2nds Tennis: 2nd