It’s been an eventful few weeks here at Marist Regional College. Last week, we were delighted to be able to host the ritual of the Graduation Assembly for our 2021 graduating class. One of the highlights of the assembly is to see student photos from Year 7 and Year 12 as they are introduced, and also to see our Year 12’s pass on candles to our current Year 7 students.  

A group of Year 9 students, who are a mix of our 2022 SRC Year 10 representatives and Peer Leaders, had the opportunity to attend the Just Leadership Day in Devonport alongside students from St Brendan Shaw College and St Patrick’s College. Students explored issues of social justice, leadership qualities, charities and how they might be able to put this in action at MRC in 2022. All students have some great ideas for putting ‘dreams into reality’ which is exciting. 

Last week, a Remembrance Mass was held to commemorate All Souls Day, which is a time where we particularly remember those who have died. It was lovely to have members of our community, staff and students together for this occasion to take the time to reflect and remember before school commenced. We thank Father John Girdauskas for leading us in this Mass.  

Mrs Emily Sass 

Director of Faith & Ministry