Classes of 2024: As we tick over the halfway mark of Term 4, things are moving fast for the Pastoral Care Team. Currently, we are working on classes for next year and supporting our students by placing each one in the best position for learning and development in 2024. There are many opportunities for students to work with different students and teachers next year. This class placement opportunity is exciting, and planning for these placements takes significant time when considering information that is made available as well as using detailed data specific information from staff. I look forward to working with the team to bring about the best possible outcomes for students in 2024.  

Orientation Year 6: Next Monday, 20 November is our Orientation Day for students who will join us in 2024. I would like to take this time to thank Mrs Helen Cox, Ms Neaton, and their team for the effort in planning a very engaging experience for next year’s Year 7 students. I look forward to spending time with them all on Monday and I hope the experience will be an extremely positive one and ease any nerves heading into next year.  

Year 9 Camp and Activities Week: There is something very special about the end of a school year, and how we do things here at Marist Regional College is special. Years 7-10 all get their own special weeks and events which are all significant and a great chance to enjoy a fun time together after working hard across all areas of school throughout 2023. I would like to thank our hardworking Year Level Coordinators for their tireless work organising a fantastic experience for their students. Mrs Helen Cox and Mr Damien Gale for their efforts with Year 7 and 8 weeks; the itineraries look amazing, and I look forward to being involved over the course of those weeks. Mr Jack Filz and his camp teams have worked tirelessly to provide multiple camp experiences all over Tasmania for our Year 9s. I thank all staff who are involved with camp as it is a huge commitment to be away for the week, but the experience is one that students never forget. Mrs Jess Magee and Mr Luke Wescombe have planned an amazing week for our Year 10s who will have the pleasure of working with Will Smith from JCP Youth. These sessions will be extremely rewarding for our 10s as will the rest of the week. This week leads into the Year 10 Dinner which will be amazing, and Mrs Magee is working tirelessly to provide a special night for all involved. Thanks, Mrs Magee, for your efforts with the dinner, it will be a great night and for some it will be the end of their journey at Marist Regional College.  


Salvation Army – Fundraiser Swags for Salvos 

Over the last two years we have held two very significant fundraising events for the Salvation Army. The first year was run by some of our Senior College students – Georgia Askew, Declan Cahill, Myles Johnstone, and Callum Dobbie.  

I would like to thank the following businesses for their kind donations: 

  • Terrylands Service Station 
  • Leading Edge 
  • Teresa Ling 
  • Repco 
  • Autobarn 
  • Sam Johnstone donated a trailer load of dry wood 2.5m 
  • Sharon and Danny Haines donated many small gift items 
  • Danny and Natalie Flight donated a Richmond framed 2017 Premiership team photo 
  • Richmond Football Club donated a 2023 Football Guernsey, where a silent auction was held and raised $1,100 
  • Danny and Sharon Haines’ wonderful dancing crew donated $1000 and attended each of the functions. 

 In total, over $4,500 was raised which has enabled us to buy 10 swags and donate the remaining $3000 to the Christmas Appeal.  

I would like to take this time to personally thank the Café staff, Ms Jen Reeves and Ms Marisa Licandro for their help on and leading up to the evenings. As well, thanks to the students who helped serve during the evenings from the Senior College Hospitality classes. 

Without Mr Danny Haines’ help and passion for the event, none of this would have been possible. Thanks, Danny, for your efforts and dedication to the cause, it is very much appreciated by the College community.   



Mr Sam Johnstone  

Deputy Principal Pastoral Care and Wellbeing