Congratulations to all students who competed in our recent Cross Country event. Champions and Runners-Up are listed below; these students will be recognised for their performances at an upcoming school assembly, where the Champion House will be announced.  

Top 6 finishers from each year group will be invited to represent the College in the NSATIS/All-Schools Cross-Country event. This takes place on Tuesday 20 June, at Symmons Plains. Information will be circulated to selected students and parents/guardians in the coming weeks. 

Congratulations to the following students: 

Result  First Name  Last Name  Division  House 
Champion  Lincoln  Kelly   Grade 7 Boys  Colin 
Runner-Up  Anderson  Towns  Grade 7 Boys  Chanel  
Champion  Mia  Fehlberg  Grade 7 Girls  Chanel 
Runner-Up  Esmay  Ollington  Grade 7 Girls  Colin 
Champion  Jeese  Turner  Grade 8 Boys  Frayne 
Runner-Up  Nash  Armstrong  Grade 8 Boys  McAuley 
Champion  Zahli  Wescombe  Grade 8 Girls  Frayne 
Runner-Up  Barnes  Ineka  Grade 8 Girls  Colin 
Champion  Masimba   Chindewere  Grade 9 Boys  McAuley 
Runner-Up  Alex   Luck  Grade 9 Boys  McAuley 
Champion  Gemma  King  Grade 9 Girls  Frayne 
Runner-Up  Ashley  Fehlberg  Grade 9 Girls  Chanel 
Champion  Jobie  Wescombe  Grade 10 Boys  Colin 
Runner-Up  John  Morgan  Grade 10 Boys  McAuley 
Champion  Tayla  Hoiberg-Cox  Grade 10 Girls  McAuley 
Runner-Up  Indi-Mae  Armstrong  Grade 10 Girls  McAuley 
Champion  Jack  Latham  Grade SC Boys  Colin 
Runner-Up  Jayce  Little  Grade SC Boys  Frayne 
Champion  Cate  Simpson  Grade SC Girls  Chanel 
Runner-Up  Trinity  Shires  Grade SC Girls  McAuley 

 The Boys NWJFU Football roster continues: 

Year 7 White – Had a bye and narrow loss to Parklands HS: 9.12.66 – 7.1.43  

Year 8 Navy – Had a bye and defeated Burnie HS: 12.9.81 – 7.5.47 

 Year 9/10 – Had big wins over West Coast: 25.16.166 – 1.10.16 and Parklands HS: 16.15.111 – 2.1.13 

The College has experienced strong interest from students in the new Girls NWJFU 7-10 roster which starts in week 7. This is the first ever schoolgirls roster on the North-West Coast, a sign of the growing interest in football. Information has recently been sent home with students and to parents/guardians. 

Results and ladders are available on the NWJFU website: Home – North West Junior Football Union ( 

Term 3 Sport Sign-Ups  

These have opened in the Harcombe Centre. Students interested in the following sports are encouraged to sign up for more information and selection details. 

Netball: 7/8, 9/10 tournaments and NSATIS Competitions 

NSATIS Hockey Boys and Girls 

NSATIS Soccer Boys and Girls 

NSATIS Volleyball Boys and Girls 


SATIS/NSATIS Football – Student Match Reports 

SATIS and NSATIS Football started in week 2 of term. The below reports were written by our SATIS and NSATIS Football representatives.  

SATIS Boys Football 

Round 3: MRC 4.8.32 lost to Scotch Oakburn 7.15.57 

Scotch travelled to Burnie for our first home game of the year and a decent crowd turned out to support the team. The MRC boys started slowly, kicking just 1 goal 3 for the first half to Scotch 6 goals 7. The team came out firing in the second half thanks to some spirited passion and effort from the boys, with a much more well-rounded performance. Scotch were looking nervous as MRC reduced the margin to 3 goals in the final quarter and looked to push on, however, inaccuracy eventually cost the team with Scotch running out winners. It was a strong team effort in the second half where MRC managed to win but left the team wanting more effort for the final games of the season. 

Goal Kickers: R. Cahill, B. Wolstenholme, J. Little, J. Lawson. Best: J. Little, K. Robotham, T. Johnson, F. Peach. W. Goninon 

Round 4: MRC 0.3.3 lost to The Hutchins School 19.20.134 

Report by Jakhan Wells, Jackson Stubbs, Jonte Dixon 

On 24 May we travelled down to Campbell Town via bus to play against Hutchins College. It was a horrible day with strong wind gusts and a very wet playing surface. Captain Jonte won the coin toss and decided to kick with the wind for the first quarter. In the first quarter, the boys showed promising signs as we kicked the first point of the game to go up 1-0. However, from this point onwards it was one way traffic as Hutchins had a 7-point lead at quarter time, after sneaking in a lucky goal from the pocket, kicking against an extremely strong breeze and some willing MRC defenders. The second quarter was one to forget as Hutchins used the wind to their advantage and put the foot down, kicking a mountain of goals to take a massive lead into half time. Although Hutchins was dominant in the second, you could not put any downfall on our backman’s effort, with repeat entries our backs didn’t make one goal easy for them making their shots on goal with lesser percentage shots. Going into halftime 60+ points down, the boys were keen to stay strong knowing they had the wind with them in the third. After Mr X gave the boys a rev up at halftime, the boys came out of the rooms with some energy again. Despite our best endeavours and strong efforts, things didn’t fall our way in the third with Hutchins outscoring us by 2 goals to 3 points.  The fourth quarter was much the same as the first half and we ended the game goal less for the first time this season. Finn Peach was awarded best on ground for his work rate and determination in the loss, as he was a key asset to the team winning the ball out of the middle, despite some key players out of the side. One of the main takeaways from the game is that we need to run and carry the ball more, especially in windy and horrible conditions, and to also not bomb the ball long going into the forward line and actually find a presenting target. This coming Wednesday, we take on Grammar in the last game of the rostered season in what could possibly be our first win in two years. 

Best: F. Peach, T. Spiewak, J. Dixon, J. Stubbs, W. Goninon, J. Wells 

NSATIS Girls Football 

Round 4: MRC lost to Scotch 

Unfortunately, due to player unavailability (sickness, injury), MRC was unable to field a team against Scotch, leading to a forfeit.  

Round 5: MRC drew St Patricks College 

The round 5 game was first postponed at the request of St Patricks, and then cancelled, with the teams deciding to share the points. 

Mr Thomas Lutwyche 

Head of Sport