As the end of Term 3 quickly approaches, I would like to remind families and students that at the beginning of Term 4, students are able to wear the full summer uniform. I encourage students to check their summer uniform to ensure that they have all pieces of the uniform and that they fit. It is quite normal for students to put uniforms on the first day back at school and find that they have grown!! This could mean that skirts/dresses are too short (should be no more than approx. 10cm above the knee); shirts do not fit anymore etc. Please ensure this fitting is completed before the first day back at school so all students can be in complete, appropriate summer uniform from day one of Term 4. If students would like to continue to wear their winter uniform due to the climate, this is acceptable, however, it must be worn in its entirety, ie. If long sleeve shirts are worn, these must be worn with a tie. Please ensure these items are appropriately fitted eg. Skirt and trouser lengths. 

Summer Uniform (Term 1 and Term 4) 


  • College Blazer 
  • College Open-Neck, Short Sleeved White Pinstripe Shirt 
  • College Navy Blue Shorts 
  • College Navy Blue Long Trousers 
  • College Jumper (optional) 
  • College Marle Blue Socks 
  • Black Leather Shoes  
  • School Hat/Cap/Bucket Hat – optional 
  • Belt (optional – plain black, simple silver buckle) 

  • College Blazer 
  • College Summer Dress 
  • College Open-Neck, Short Sleeved White Pinstripe Shirt 
  • College Navy Blue Winter Skirt 
  • College Navy Blue Shorts (optional) 
  • College Jumper (optional) 
  • College Blue Socks  
  • Black Leather Shoes 
  • School Hat/Cap/Bucket Hat – optional 

Uniform Shop Regular Opening Hours: 

Tuesday and Thursday 8am – 4pm 

Uniform Shop Additional Opening Hours:

Thursday, 8 October 10am  2pm 

Saturday, 10 October 9.30am – 12.30pm 

Monday, 12 October 8am – 11am 


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break. Whilst our Senior College students have earned a well‐deserved holiday, I remind them that when they return from the break, they have only three weeks of formal classes before their exam period begins. This break gives them the opportunity to refresh, but at the same time, refocus their studies. I encourage students to spend some time over the holidays ensuring that they are well rested, but also well prepared. 

Mrs Tracey Rogers  

Deputy Principal Pastoral Wellbeing