Uniform Expectations – amendment to policy (Hair)

13 February 2020, 12:55PM

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The Marist Regional College uniform is an integral and important part of our tradition and identity.  As a College community, we anticipate and expect our students will wear their uniform with pride. In wearing the uniform correctly, students express respect for themselves, each other and the wider College community as a whole.

Parents, teachers and all members of our College play a role in ensuring we maintain a culture of equality, engagement and achievement. Collectively, we play a critical role in supporting our young people to attend to uniform expectations, thereby supporting broader attempts to build social cohesion across the College.

The Marist Regional College values call us to be a Catholic community in which all people are treated equally. Our College uniform promotes consistency and inclusiveness for all students and their families.  It tells of who we are past, present and future. It represents our Mission, our Values, and our long-standing commitment as a place of learning and teaching in the Marist and Mercy traditions.

The College recognises the need for clarity in the expectations of students and hairstyles.

Hair must be neatly groomed at all times and in a style appropriate to wear with the College uniform. Excessive use of hair products is unacceptable. Cuts, styles or colours which, in the opinion of the school, are extreme or not a natural hair colour is not acceptable. Dreadlocks, clip-on hair extensions, hair wraps, coloured beading, “Bali-style” braiding/corn rows (unless culturally appropriate), under-cut hairstyles, mullets – below collar length, mohawks, ‘rats tails’ and ‘patterns’ or lines cut into the hair are examples of some prohibited hairstyles. The College will exercise discretion in determining whether or not a hairstyle is acceptable. Hair that is collar length or longer must be tied up during all practical subjects or when requested by a teacher. Hair must always be worn off the face, be neatly brushed and not hang down over the eyebrows or over the face.  If ribbons or clips are worn, they are to be plain school colours and not showy.

If in doubt, consult the Pastoral Care Group Leader and/or Year Level Coordinator of the student before making changes to hair. It is to be noted that, in matters of hairstyle, the College Principal reserves the right to decide on the acceptability of hairstyles.

Years 7-10 boys are to be clean shaven at all times. Senior College boys may have a neatly trimmed beard or moustache and sideburns are not to extend below mid-ear.

In partnership with families, Marist Regional College is committed to ensuring our students are continuing to be the best possible versions of themselves in all aspects, including personal appearance, whilst ensuring they are equipped with the sought-after employability traits.

From the beginning of March, all staff at MRC will be ensuring that student’s hair is meeting the above expectations. Families will be communicated with if changes are required.

Mrs Tracey Rogers

Deputy Principal Pastoral Wellbeing