Vocational Education and Training is moving forward – 17 courses to choose from in 2021 and beyond

30 July 2020, 10:57AM

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We are extremely excited to offer students a wider range of VET courses from 2021 onwards.  This is due to Industry sectors, and supply and demand in the marketplace for skilled workers in the future.  Working closely with Registered Training Providers, employers, schools and the community, I have organised VET courses into two sections.    

Year 10 

  1. Introductory courses will provide students with an interest and opportunity to gain skills and knowledge, as well as learn about an area of interest suited to their curiosity.  All Introductory courses have been designed to provide fun, hands-on experience to specific professions while giving students a short skill set. Also, completed units of competency will be added to students’ Tasmanian Certificate of Education, thus adding value to the end of Year 12 results. 

Senior College 

        2. Full and/or partial qualifications have expanded to include choices that students have been keen to study, including a focus on traditional professions and qualifications being available to meet industry demands in Tasmania and at a National level.   

2021 – Year 10 courses on offer 
Introduction to Automotive Vocational Preparation 
Introduction to Baking and Kitchen Operations 
Introduction to Construction 
Introduction to Hospitality 
Introduction to Music Industry 
2021 – Year 11 and 12 courses on offer 
Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation 
Certificate II in Animal Studies 
Certificate II in Baking 
Certificate II in Business 
Certificate II in Construction 
Introduction to Electrotechnology (Interview only) 
Certificate III in Fitness 
Certificate IV in Fitness (by appointment only) 
Certificate II in Hospitality 
Certificate II in Kitchen Operations 
Introduction to Nursing and Health Occupations 
Certificate III in Music Industry 

I look forward to catching up with students on Wednesday 5 August for Subject Selection Night.  We will be located in the Canteen section of the Cradle Coast Trade Training Centre with information pamphlets available for each course on offer.  I will be available to assist student choice/pathways and offer advice about each course. 

Thank you 

Miss Jen Reeves