Your Eternal Domination 

By Veyakhar Pather 

Year 11 

You dominate my mind like a stark starry night 

I can only proclaim that there is purity in this plight 

As my mind wanders at the thought of your wonders 

My senses go blind… I am imprudent, full of blunders 

I wonder how I could live all beknowing you live on this earth 

Could I live a day more lacking knowledge: your date of birth 


You dominate my mind like a spider out of sight 

As a human mere mortal, you make Apollo seem trite 

In recognition of your feats, I fail to note my own 

Your smile is so tame and your temper I condone 

Your soul blooms exuberant in the light of my eyes 

In a crowd of five hundred I spot you afore you rise 


You dominate my mind, you hoodwink my regime 

A sculpture of perfection, you are a million dreams 

From the moment you walked by with a blush in your stride 

Not a breeze I feel now is as dominant to provide 

Yet not once all this while aside from this morning we talked 

Face to face and eye to eye, but before this ashamed I had stalked 

All five hundred sat in rows quite full all but one 

That row had been empty, which you had undone 

For a moment I panicked, I was ordered to sit 

With the subject of my dreams and I lost all my wit 


Perhaps fate placed us there… Maybe Eros’s intervention 

As instinct kicked in, I sat two seats too far with unknown intention 

Immediately it seemed, the butterflies had flown in 

I peered behind to find my friend who was kin 

I visually transcribed the predicament to her eyes 

I told her of your presence two seats from my lies 

But it was tough to decipher with a mask I despise 

Half a face I could see, her expressions did not advise 


I took matters into my own hands, but they were painted maroon 

I invoked conversation as if you were a stranger I met at noon 

It seemed like aeons before it, but you replied nonetheless 

We conversed of commonalities in the room to address 

Your answers were brief, you seemed a mighty bit bashful 

but your eyes were speaking riddles, I had to think rational 

The message was lost in translation 

Which I took for my interpretation 

Then suddenly out of the blue, two girls walked in 

They were seated and closed the gap, oh what a sin 


  You dominate my mind like a breath fresh from heaven 

Your looks I give ten but for me I give seven 

My decisions are yours for your bias is cause 

Oft I hear from others that you too have got flaws 

Perhaps my mind toys just so that I can adore 

Though I am aware… Any imperfection of thee 

Is the very notion of refinement, that I do believe 


You dominate my mind… As the sun does the skies 

I could relay through fire, but my heart never dies 

My love for you is a tumour malignant 

Each day it grows stronger as I grow indignant 

Your presence to me is a cancer and a cause 

In my mind like a dancer, prancing upon its floors 

It pains me when you smile at another not me 

You are the prettiest picture my eyes could ever see 


My affinity for thee is infinity all to me 

Yet I find myself thinking why be it you whom I like? 

Perhaps it was… no let me ponder. Ah yes, your smile 

From the dimples to the blush, to the crease in your eyes 

To the pupils which drown in that sea of Atlantic blue 

Not a colour I see now is as bright as your hue 

I could not hear the word love once more 

Without the thought of you whom I adore 


And here I am singing your praise 

I could write about you for hours 

And for days, my heart would speak… 

I could talk of you so sincere for weeks… 

And gaze upon you for months undefined 

Without the slightest loss of enthusiasm and for eternity… 

You will never escape the walls of my mind